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DJM Commercial Real Estate

David Massie - Tenant Leasing & Buying | Office, Medical, Retail, Industrial

Find out why real estate/business attorney Lee Wahl writes "David Massie knows more about commercial real estate leasing than any individual I have encountered in 25 years of practicing law in this area – including real estate lawyers, real estate brokers and property managers" and how this translates into DJM Commercial saving you money, time and headaches.

Mr. Massie is a former pro beach volleyball player who has over 27 years of experience in commercial lease and buyer representation.  He has completed over 600 lease transactions and numerous purchases and sales for clients in office, medical, dental, retail and industrial projects.

It is important that tenants that lease and buyers understand the tremendous added value of his knowledge and experience from working for large landlords that can save his clients time and money by understanding the hidden costs of commercial transactions and avoiding potential liability and lawsuits.

Significant lease transactions completed include those with Bank of America, Federal Express, Sara Lee, Lawyer's Title, State of California, GSA (Federal Government), Subway, 24 Hours Fitness, Ralph's Market, CVS, Longs, Old Republic Title, Edward Jones, Blockbuster, Taco Bell, Chase, Mission Foods and many more.  
Mr. Massie managed millions of square feet of different types of commercial properties such as office, medical, dental, retail and industrial and hundreds of commercial tenants while employed as the real estate director for some of the largest landlords in the nation.
His wife and five children, being an active member of a Christian church,  playing two man beach volleyball and mountain biking add zest and spark to his life keeping him fit and balanced with his time and energy.

Business owners need GREAT representation.   Not having great representation will cost you much in money and time.  You may think you are fine but there are hidden costs many people don't know about.  I do!

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