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Event date: 5/12/2018 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

The Burt Williamson Show: Radio Program on Money Matters

Introducing The Burt Williamson Show

The new show will cover important matters that affect the financial lives of business owners, baby boomers, and their families. Oh, it’s presented in plain English, too.

Hear ways you can become a better steward of your finances and have less financial stress, so you can focus on the other things that are really important in your life.

Please listen in on Saturday mornings at 10:30 a.m. on 98.3 FM KDAR radio to hear the 25 minute show. 
A podcast of the interview will be available later next week.

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05/10/2018 - Spark - Ignite Your Business

Spark brings together business professionals in a friendly, no-pressure setting. Each meeting features a guest speaker, open discussions and a format that promotes getting to know one another on a personal level. Group leader, Joe Joyce, believes that if "you build a relationship, business will naturally follow."

Join Spark for this May 10 membership drive event with guest speaker, Jon Light of Light Gabler, who will be discussing "Sex Harassment in the Workplace".  Bagels, muffins and coffee will be served.

Jon Light has over 30 years of employment law experience and has been named multiple times as one of Southern California’s “SuperLawyers” by Los Angeles Magazine. Jon and his LightGabler team consult with and represent over 1500 companies throughout California regarding their employment law needs. LightGabler is focused on keeping your business working, growing and prospering.

Please register at the link above to reserve your seat! 

*First meeting is FREE to attend. Non-Chamber members are also welcome to attend and observe one complimentary SPARK meeting.  For more information, please contact group leader, Joe Joyce at (805) 338-2223.

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06/14/2018 - Spark - Ignite Your Business

*Please note the location change for JUNE 14 meeting: 

510 N. Ventu Park Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Spark brings together business professionals in a friendly, no-pressure setting. Each meeting features a guest speaker, open discussions and a format that promotes getting to know one another on a personal level. Group leader, Joe Joyce, believes that if "you build a relationship, business will naturally follow."

*First meeting is FREE to attend. Non-Chamber member are  welcome to attend and observe one complimentary meeting. 

If you are interested in this group, please contact group leader below to reserve your seat! 

 For more information contact Group Leader:
Joe Joyce - (805) 338-2223


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06/20/2018 - Networking Prep Series - "10 Tips to Grow Your Business Brand in 2018"

"10 Tips to Grow Your Business Brand in 2018"

Presenter: Matthew Midura, Associate Vice President for Integrated Marketing & Communications, Pepperdine University

Join us in this informative seminar with Matt Midura who will provide us with strategies on growing your business brand with "
Brand Development Through Storytelling, Experience and Partnerships". 

Matt Midura is a creative communications and marketing strategist with more than 20 years of experience developing both traditional and new media initiatives for both large and small enterprises. He has held his current position with Pepperdine Universitiy for the past 6 years and is Chair Emeritus for the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Chamber members are invited to attend for FREE
$10 for future members

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Synergy Business Connections helps businesses grow through relationship marketing and we follow the exclusive category format with one member per Conejo Chamber of Commerce business sub-category. Your business sub-category appears on your Conejo Chamber profile page, right under your business name, to see if your category is eligible. We welcome you to join us at a meeting as our guest to experience the Synergy network for yourself.

Member News

Why Use a Commercial Real Estate Broker (and what they actually do for you…)

In this series, I will be giving insight into the world of a California commercial real estate broker that leases, buys or sells commercial real estate (CRE) for you, the client. The client is the tenant, buyer or seller of CRE space generally defined as office, retail and industrial.

There are four main things a good CRE broker does: They find suitable locations, negotiate the offer, negotiate the lease clauses, and are there when the client needs help thereafter with matters like construction, moving, future landlord disputes, terminating a lease early, etc.

The first thing a CRE broker does that might seem obvious and easy is finding you locations that fit your criteria.  We normally go on a proprietary website like CoStar that the client doesn’t have access to (a subscription to Costar is expensive and you have to learn how to use the software) and run a search for what you are looking for.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds.  If a broker doesn’t know how to use the software correctly and set up the searches correctly (including keeping a search active so that if a new listing appears that fits your criteria the broker is alerted right away), you won’t find all the possible locations.  Also, consider that many listing brokers for landlords/sellers don’t input the information correctly into the software or even keep the information updated. This makes it difficult to then find applicable properties for a client correctly.  It takes quite a bit of time to do a search correctly.

Seems easy enough; why can’t a client simply find a website like CoStar and do this search themselves?  After all, there are CRE oriented websites like Loopnet or City Feet or and others that state they have the CRE listings available at no cost, right?  The main problem with these sites is that they don’t have anywhere near all of the listings that CoStar does.  Loopnet, for example, is now owned by CoStar and Loopnet makes brokers and landlords pay to have their properties listed on this site so this site doesn’t list the properties available for those that aren’t willing to pay to do so.  Also, for whatever reason, sites other than CoStar simply aren’t used by CRE brokers because CoStar pretty much has a monopoly on most all listings and other kinds of data like comps.  So, if the client wants to do it themselves they won’t be able to find all of the available properties but only a small fraction thereof.

Then there are the off market non listed properties that you can’t find even on CoStar or other websites.  A good broker has connections to landlords/sellers and other brokers that don’t use listing services or that simply haven’t listed the location yet.  Staying in touch with the aforementioned people pays high dividends to my clients, but again it takes quite a bit of time and good record keeping to do so.

A good broker truly does use their expertise, experience and connections to get you the very best outcome. Next time, our topic will focus on successfully negotiating the deal and what goes into that.  Negotiating correctly is an art unto itself.

If you have questions about any of the above topics or have any CRE needs please contact David Massie at or 805-217-0791.

How Are You Measuring Your Offline Analytics?

How Are You Measuring Your Offline Analytics?
Between Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and all the other online data collections, business owners have more ways to track their marketing efforts than ever before. But what about your offline ...

Set Up Shopping on Your Instagram Account: Sell Directly to Customers

Set Up Shopping on Your Instagram Account: Sell Directly to Customers
With the huge leap in popularity in recent years, it’s no wonder that Instagram is expanding its capabilities to include new tools to help people buy and sell on the platform. People are flocking to ...

West Coast Real Estate, Will it Continue to Boom or Will it Bust?

History would say that West Coast commercial real estate market success should be ending very soon. Kevin Shannon, co-head of U.S. Capital Markets for Newmark Knight Frank, has a different opinion:

If there is a downturn, Shannon does not expect it to be as “dramatic” as it was a decade ago. “When the game ends, it will be a short spring training, and we’ll be back playing ball again,” Shannon added. […] “If you look at the engines of real estate on the West Coast: If you build it, they will come,” he said. As long as things continue to go well, Shannon said he thinks next June would mark the longest recovery in history. […] The West Coast commercial real estate market is faring well, and the good news does not appear to be ending very soon, according to some of Los Angeles’ top commercial real estate experts.

I wholeheartedly disagree with the view posed here. This broker from CBRE thinks that the buying and selling market for commercial real estate (CRE) is in the 7th inning, but I think it’s in the 12th inning.  If you want to learn more about buying or selling CRE at the right time and why brokers like this think it’s always a good time to buy or sell CRE (why not, they make a commission whether you the buyer or seller lose money or not) contact David Massie at for more details.  I have successfully bought and sold properties ranging in size from about 1,000 sf to millions of square feet and ranging in price from about $100,000 to $100 million.

Choosing Between a Facebook Page and a Profile

Choosing Between a Facebook Page and a Profile
People use Facebook Profiles. Businesses use Facebook Pages. But which should you choose if you and your brand are one in the same?   Speakers, actors, coaches, musicians, bloggers – many ...

How to Create / Update your Team Member Profile

Are you a member of Synergy Business Connections but don't have your company information on the website? Are you not a member yet, but are thinking of joining and want to know how you and your business will be featured? Learn how easy it is to get your profile on the site...

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Synergy Business Connections

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Some messages from our group...

What makes the Conejo Valley special, unique or interesting?

I like to call Thousand Oaks "the biggest little town in the country." Even though its size is well over 100,000 residents, it still has a small town feel. You are liable to see someone you know every time you go out. I also like the fact that it has protected itself from the blight that has ruined so many other communities in Southern California by restricting things such as billboards, building structure and height, paid parking lots, and corner strip malls. 

— Cary Ginell - VC On Stage