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Event date: 4/4/2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Export event

Join us for our first Synergy Business Connection's meeting of the month! Guest speaker Sepideh Yeoh, Reiki Practitioner, Speaker, Author, Life Transitions Coach, will speak to the Synergy Business Connections networking group with her presentation "The Power of Positivity".

Sepideh Yeoh is a Published Author, Reiki Practitioner and Life Transitions Coach dedicating her practice to elevating clients to achieve results and gain confidence. Sepideh earned her BA degree in Psychology from University at Buffalo and her MS in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration from Canisius College.

Sepideh is a Faculty member and Governance Trainer & Consultant with the California School Boards Association, which provides her the opportunity to train School Boards on effective governance.

Sepideh’s most recent book GLOW: Be The Light of Your Journey focusses on five simple keys to make peace with the changes associated with life’s transitions. Her first book co-authored with former colleague Dr. Anthony Hughes, A Handbook for SIMPLE Living is a college textbook which she and Dr. Hughes utilize to teach high school and college level student development classes.

Sepideh is very involved in her community and serves on the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, She also facilitates a support group for women, GIFT (Gaining Insight For Transition) for Women and a Networking program for high school students in gaining college and career insight.

As an instructor for River Oaks Academy, Sepideh teaches College and Career Seminars and Leadership classes to high school students in hopes of preparing them for life after high school.

Sepideh enjoys spending time with her husband Stephen and their two children (Daughter, Neelu- college freshman and Son, Bijan in 11thgrade) and their little ShihTzu puppy, Cher. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking and practicing yoga.


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