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How to Spot the Phishing Scams that Prey on Even the Brainiest of Us
Maybe you already know how to avoid phishing scams, but while there are still folks unwittingly exploited, all of us should keep sharing tips like this for thwarting the bad guys: First, a ... Read Original Article
Successful Online Selling Is a Lot Like Wooing a Lover
Whether it’s in romance or commerce, people hate being sold a bill of goods. Still, they are in love with buying and your marketing technique is important to winning customers over.  Too often, ... Read Original Article
Customer Service Is Where Small Business Can Really Shine
On the internet, your rival is not just the shop down the street but also mega-stores around the world. When the playing field is so not level, how can small biz compete? Bigger companies have ... Read Original Article
5 Design Tips You Can Swipe from the Websites of Your Greatest Competitors
While it’s never a good idea to blatantly copy what your competition is doing, it’s only smart to study them so you can avoid making the same mistakes. Here are five things to look for on the ... Read Original Article
Learn the Biggest Secret for Writing Headlines that Will Immediately Catch Kim Kardashian's Eye
Probably neither of us really want to attract Ms. Kardashian, but we do want to craft headlines that encourage further reading. Here’s how we decided to go with this one: Our prospective ... Read Original Article
Grow Your Business by Joining Hands in Win-Win Partnerships
The first step of any advertising campaign is to determine your target market. If only someone had already identified that target market and primed it for your marketing message. Oh, wait – they ... Read Original Article
Future Trends to Consider for Your Next Website Design
Just like clothing and home design, websites have trends as well. Take a look at these design elements that will keep your site looking up-to-date.  It’s all about the User. If Users aren’t ... Read Original Article
Update: Still Free Social Media Management Tools?
in the digital marketing stone age, we reviewed the Top 5 Free Social Media Management Tools. Recently, we re-read that article and realized so much has changed! Here’s an update. Businesses ... Read Original Article
Understanding Bounce Rate – And Why It’s Now Obsolete
GA4, the latest incarnation of Google Analytics, doesn’t measure Bounce Rate. So what does this mean for your business’s website?  Digital marketing has come a long way since the first business ... Read Original Article
If Business Expos Are Happening Again, Make the Most of Them!
5.3 minute reading time After more than a year of canceled events, we have lately seen business expos scheduled again. Unfortunately, these great opportunities are often squandered by folks on ... Read Original Article

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Synergy Business Connections helps businesses grow through relationship marketing and we follow the exclusive category format with one member per Conejo Chamber of Commerce business sub-category. Your business sub-category appears on your Conejo Chamber profile page, right under your business name, to see if your category is eligible. We welcome you to join us at a meeting as our guest to experience the Synergy network for yourself.

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What makes the Conejo Valley special, unique or interesting?

The appeal of the Conejo Valley is multifaceted, from its convenient location, its dynamic industries, or the wide breadth of individuals with varying cultural and social backgrounds who living within its boundaries.

— Matthew Hutton - NBS Financial Services, Inc.

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