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We Used to Think Social Media Marketing Was Hard and It Still Is.
Back in 2012, we wrote about how hard Facebook marketing was. It’s only harder now because of algorithm updates, but Facebook is still a platform worth pursuing. Especially during the last few ... Read Original Article
Gut-Punched by Quarantine? Time to Innovate!
One big advantage small business has over bigger competitors, coaches say, is that small biz can be “agile.” Never has it been more important to learn what this means and how this applies to your ... Read Original Article
Are You Still Making These Twitter Mistakes?
Back in 2013, I was a Twitter marketing newbie. I have certainly upped my game since and the game has changed a bit as well, so I thought it important to review the Twitter faux pas that can totally ... Read Original Article
Today, Use Marketing to Catch the Eye and Warm the Heart
Tired of this pandemic situation? Raise a gloved and sanitized hand if you are! But we need to keep doing business, so the next step in marketing is to be timely while strategizing for the days ... Read Original Article
How to Work Shoulder-to-Shoulder with your Digital Marketing Partners
Your web developer and social media manager should be your partners, not just hired hands, with all of you working toward the same objective – your success. Here’s what you should be doing to hold ... Read Original Article
How to Capitalize on the Huge Progress Corona Virus is Forcing Us To Make
Plenty of business bad news is being broadcast. But let’s focus on what’s good. We are all currently taking part in a grand online experiment, so we may as well learn from it and use the lessons to ... Read Original Article
Line Up Those Ducks Before Building Your New Website
I’m all for taking risks and trying new things, but when it comes to your business website, it’s a waste money and time to start building your website before you answer these five questions: ... Read Original Article
Business in the Time of Coronovirus: Meet the Marketing Challenge
The COVID-19 quarantine WILL end. Medical professionals are in charge of that. What you are in charge of is taking care of your business, helping your customers and preparing to move ahead when the ... Read Original Article
In my opinion, the answer is generally no; don’t pay your rent for now. Why?  Because it’s probably the only leverage you have over your landlord right now, and it is good leverage which most tenants don’t typically have with a landlord.  If you pay your rent as usual, why would a landlord offer you any kind of help? I have been receiving many calls from business owners from existing clients and those that are becoming new clients related to what they should do regarding their commercial real estate leases.  Negotiate to terminate the lease early, sublease or assign the leased space, apply for governmental aid, make an insurance claim, etc. are some of the potential options. There are pros and cons to each option but one of the best options for a tenant right now is to simply not pay your rent. Not paying your rent might not be a good idea if your landlord has offered you a reasonable alternative such as not paying rent now and adding on the deferred rent to your lease. This could be done either at the end of your term, via a term extension for three months, or whatever length of the deferred rent amounts to in months, or in some other fashion like raising your rent in the future to recoup the abated rent.  However, if this doesn’t work for you for some reason, then you have to find a different solution like one of the ones mentioned in the paragraph above. Here is a link to another article on this subject that you might find of interest. But what if you ask the landlord for some kind of help and he isn’t responding to you?  Then in my opinion, not paying your rent could be your best option. Landlords and lenders both don’t want empty buildings as landlords might give a building back to a lender if too many tenants aren’t paying rent or vacating.  My experience is that by not paying rent you will get your landlord’s attention and get a response with what the landlord is willing to do for you quickly. Some of my clients I have spoken with... Read Original Article
What Can You Learn from Spammers, Hackers, and Pushy Salespeople?
Nobody likes dealing with spammers, hackers, and pushy salespeople, but they’re everywhere. Why? Because the success rate is attractive. Success is also important for the websites of all business ... Read Original Article

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I like to call Thousand Oaks "the biggest little town in the country." Even though its size is well over 100,000 residents, it still has a small town feel. You are liable to see someone you know every time you go out. I also like the fact that it has protected itself from the blight that has ruined so many other communities in Southern California by restricting things such as billboards, building structure and height, paid parking lots, and corner strip malls. 

— Cary Ginell - VC On Stage

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