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1971 Sylmar Earthquake When is the best TIME to prepare for an earthquake? Anytime! Please see link above for quick facts on one of the worst earthquakes we’ve had in the Los Angeles area. ODD FACT: While a pediatrician at Olive View Hospital, Debbie’s Aunt Vardi (that’s another story) Fox grabbed from the rubble this clock […] Read Original Article
Are You Stymied by Failure to Fail?
”Failure to Launch” is what you call it when adult children get stuck in familiar surroundings where they feel safe but are not progressing. Businesses stagnate the same way. Rather than risk losing ... Read Original Article
Ever wonder if your work matters? We’d all like to think it does but now we’re asking you to write it down and tell us and our readers HOW. How does the work you do matter? Please let us know what you do and where you find significance in your labor. We all want to […] Read Original Article
5 Free Social Media Measurement Tools
We talk a lot here about the importance of social media marketing, but how are you measuring your efforts? To figure out what is working and what isn’t it makes sense to test out a social media ... Read Original Article
San Francisco tries ‘shaming’ building owners on earthquake Other questions arise: Can an unretrofitted building be insured for earthquake damage? What are the costs to repair or replace a collapsed building versus a retrofitted one? Care to discuss? Please call us at: 818.735.4757 or email: Read Original Article
Social Media To-Dos You Aren’t Doing
Social Media Management is a hot service these days. Some folks swear by it. Some folks think it’s a complete waste of effort. And, of course, they’re both right. So how do you take advantage of the ... Read Original Article

Below is the latest list of new restaurants that are reportedly coming soon to Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Oak Park:

New Agoura Hills Restaurants:

Padri located at 29002 Agoura Rd has an offer to purchase it and ,if the sale is completed, will remain with a similar use and probably the same name just new owners, remodel, and a changed up menu.

Isabellas located at 29020 Agoura Rd in the same retail center as Padri above will have a new owner/tenant and it’s yet to seen what type of restaurant it will become and when it will open. Owner is reported to be Russian and might bring something new and different but with a healthy bent.  Check back here for more updates soon regarding exact restaurant name, type of food and opening date.

New Oak Park Restaurant:

Cigale located at 702 Lindero Canyon Rd is going to be become a Mexican restaurant called Margarita Mexican Grill.  Check back here for more updates soon regarding when it is opening.

New Westlake Village Restaurant:

Urban Pizza is going to open its doors in the previous Qdoba space at the North Ranch Mall anchored by Trader Joes.  Check back here for more updates soon regarding when it is opening.






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Using Facebook’s Newest Tool: Facebook Business Manager
Many businesses that run social media campaigns, including our own, have multiple managers handling multiple pages. This has caused all sorts of issues from the people managing the campaigns to the ... Read Original Article
From time to time as expert witnesses and consultants XL Services is asked: What are the basic regulations relating to light level (illumination) requirements for public buildings? Depending on the occupancy, general requirements for light level are found in the California Building Code, Section 1006 – Means of Egress Illumination, Sub-Section 1006.2 Illumination level “The […] Read Original Article
2 Big Reasons You Should Market with Email
Okay, there are maybe a dozen reasons why you should be marketing with email, but these two are so big they trump everything. And never mind all the noise about how email marketing is an old and ... Read Original Article

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Synergy Business Connections helps businesses grow through relationship marketing and we follow the exclusive category format with one member per Conejo Chamber of Commerce business sub-category. Your business sub-category appears on your Conejo Chamber profile page, right under your business name, to see if your category is eligible. We welcome you to join us at a meeting as our guest to experience the Synergy network for yourself.

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What makes the Conejo Valley special, unique or interesting?

I like to call Thousand Oaks "the biggest little town in the country." Even though its size is well over 100,000 residents, it still has a small town feel. You are liable to see someone you know every time you go out. I also like the fact that it has protected itself from the blight that has ruined so many other communities in Southern California by restricting things such as billboards, building structure and height, paid parking lots, and corner strip malls. 

— Cary Ginell - VC On Stage