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A Mother's Day Gift
Last Sunday was the first Mother’s Day since my mom died. I couldn’t predict how my emotions would run that day. Would I be overcome with sadness? Would I feel used to this, given she didn’t even know I was her daughter last Mother’s Day? My memories had been centered on... Read Original Article
"Orange You Glad" Your Suitcase Isn't Too Heavy?

Sam, an octogenarian, recently told me a story from his traveling days in the 1960’s. His employer often sent him from sunny Southern California to New Jersey. Sam liked to pack light, taking just one bag that had to fit in the plane’s overhead compartment. Landing in the Garden State provided Sam with a convenient base from which to visit his parents. He had a routine – he worked a day or two, he had a meal with his parents, and then...

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What do the Marx Brothers, a chimpanzee and a local senior have in common?

Charles, a senior residing in Thousand Oaks, California, recently told me his story, dating back to the 1950’s while he was serving as an airman for the US Air Force. While based in Las Vegas, Charles entered a yearly public swimming competition. He won three races. Prior to that, no one had won that many races in the day of competition. The Air Force noticed. It just so happened that a pool was being constructed on the base near Anchorage. Charles was quickly transferred...

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Do You Take The Ease of Making a Phone Call for Granted?
While waiting for help at the Apple Store’s Genius Bar recently, I struck up a conversation with the elderly woman seated next to me. With her European accent, she quickly shared that she was 90 years old and had recently bought an iMac... Read Original Article
How to Avoid a Big Regret Many Baby-Boomers are Facing

When I began telling people about a film project I was working on with my father and my son, a common reaction I heard was, “I wish I’d done that with my parents before they died!” What had I done? I captured my 86 year old father on videotape while he...

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How You Can Help your Aging Parents Reconcile Life and Mortality

Did you know that seniors are going through a developmental stage? The tables have turned on us. As adult children, we now need to help our parents, as well as any elderly loved one, through a life stage that we haven't been through yet! Here are some tips on starting conversations that you might remember for the rest of your life. 

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