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How to Handle Your Online Directory Listings for Even Better Local SEO
You already use online directories as a consumer – as are your customers. So are you making the most of these advantages for your own business? What online directories are Last time , we ... Read Original Article
The Difference Between Brand Recognition and In-Your-Face Promotion
How do you push your business without being so pushy that you push customers away? Read on for guidelines for building the right kind of brand recognition, the kind that encourages sales.  When ... Read Original Article
Enhancing your Website? Don't Forget a Rousing Call To Action!
We’ve seen it happen:  A business launches a gorgeous, brand-new website, but instead of the expected rush of new business, there are crickets. Often, this is because of a simple-yet-vital ... Read Original Article
Is It Time to Embrace the Paid Social Media Marketing Option?
It’s tough reaching customers when they are overwhelmed by content. But don’t join the “pay-to-play” crowd before you learn how to play this game to win. Last time , we hit all the high points ... Read Original Article
Success on any social media platform doesn’t just “happen” and anyone suggesting otherwise is telling you a fish story. But organic social media success is an awful lot like fishing! Here’s why: ... Read Original Article
Business owners are routinely advised these days to launch social media profiles as part of their marketing strategy, but if you are wondering if the effort involved is paying off, here’s what to ... Read Original Article
Launch Some Creative Marketing to Support Your Website's SEO
Website success has never been a “build it and they will come” story. After optimizing your site , start driving traffic by employing these marketing strategies: Get listed The more places ... Read Original Article
Growing Web Traffic - Check your Task List and Analyze your Results
Theory is interesting, but performance puts money in your pocket. Here is your checklist for optimizing your website as well as tips for how to measure your success. Since the beginning of the ... Read Original Article
Once Your Online Foundation is Grounded, It's Time to Optimize Your Website
Customers are looking for what you sell, but can they find you in the crowd? Following these proven Search Engine Optimization practices will help you fight off the competition. SEO is a ... Read Original Article
"Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish" Choices when Building and Maintaining Your Website
Whether you’re willing to pay for the best money can buy or are just shopping around for the lowest price, we don’t judge. Just be sure you weigh the non-dollar costs as well.  Sprocket ... Read Original Article

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Synergy Business Connections helps businesses grow through relationship marketing and we follow the exclusive category format with one member per Conejo Chamber of Commerce business sub-category. Your business sub-category appears on your Conejo Chamber profile page, right under your business name, to see if your category is eligible. We welcome you to join us at a meeting as our guest to experience the Synergy network for yourself.

Some messages from our group...

What makes the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce a good chamber to be part of?

The Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce is a wonderful organization whose goals are apparent in its actions. To support and encourage the success of professionals and businesses owners both large and small within the Conejo Valley for the betterment of the community as a whole.


— Matthew Hutton - NBS Financial Services, Inc.

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