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Taking Your Website's Google Analytics to Heart Is a Worthwhile Resolution
After the year we just had, it’s obvious that business websites are more important than ever. Also important are your website’s analytics for improving marketing efforts as well customer experience. ... Read Original Article
Why a Blog Is Still Vital to Growing Your Business - Even in 2021
With a past year unlike any other, you may question whether blog-writing is a pre-pandemic marketing practice that is now obsolete. If you are asking in order to justify your poor blogging record, ... Read Original Article
What Sprocket Clients and Colleagues Read During the Past (Weird) Year
December brings out the analyst in all of us as we look over the past months to plan for the coming year. Our Sprocket Report research reveals that the most-read articles of 2020 were a very mixed – ... Read Original Article
Christmas and Company Culture: Focus for Small Business
Small business owners are little tense in 2020, even during the holiday season. Like any organization, those in charge set the tone and culture for the rest of the group. What efforts are you making ... Read Original Article
Holiday Business Ideas to Keep an Eye on into 2021
Just last year we updated our 2011 article about online shopping. But 2020 is a whole new kind of animal and the lessons we’re learning now will help in the coming year.   Last year ... Read Original Article
Jim's Annoyed by Video Calls' 10 Most Annoying Phrases Article
We recently shared an article on our social media page from Small Business Trends that got Jim all riled up here in the office. Take a look and see if you agree with him.  To be clear, when ... Read Original Article
Save Time and Money by Planning Before Building Your Website
Have you ever heard the phrase “I’ll know it when I see it?” Please know that this is a terrible philosophy to follow when working with your website builder and here’s why: It’s a waste of ... Read Original Article
What Website Costs Should You Expect?
Even though a website is a must-have for every business, many small business folks are still unclear about what they actually need and what they should be buying. Let’s look at the answers to some ... Read Original Article
The Virtual Conference - Yes, You Can Be Pants-less, But Is It Worth Your Time?
When the coronavirus ended large business gatherings, many conferences went online. Now that we’ve all attended a few – and are facing maybe another year of them – let’s recap the pros and cons and ... Read Original Article
Prepare Your Business Now to Avoid Holiday Headaches Later
No doubt this holiday shopping season will be like no other, but while it’s not “business as usual,” it’s still business. Are you and your website ready? According to sales forecasts , holiday ... Read Original Article

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Synergy Business Connections helps businesses grow through relationship marketing and we follow the exclusive category format with one member per Conejo Chamber of Commerce business sub-category. Your business sub-category appears on your Conejo Chamber profile page, right under your business name, to see if your category is eligible. We welcome you to join us at a meeting as our guest to experience the Synergy network for yourself.

Some messages from our group...

What makes the Conejo Valley special, unique or interesting?

Our community is a spirited one. We love the Conejo and we love helping local businesses! I enjoy that. I feel a real connection to where I live and the people I do business with here. Making the move north from Los Angeles was such a good life change for me.

— Heather Owen - College Planning Experts 

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