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April 1 meeting sponsor Harriet Cohen is no “Fool”

April 1 meeting sponsor Harriet Cohen is no “Fool”

No joke: We will have a 10am Zoom meeting on April Fool’s Day, and it will be sponsored by Harriet Cohen. She is serious about the work she does with her Training Solutions clients, and we are seriously interested in hearing more about her background in business management. But in the spirit of the holiday, we will pepper this article with some unbelievable facts about Harriet; see if you can spot the ones that just have to be a prank.

From helping out at her father’s hardware business to completing her Master’s in performance management, Harriet Cohen has spent decades studying how businesses operate, especially regarding human interaction. She pays attention to how successful companies treat their employees and their customers, which goes hand-in-hand with her desire to collaborate, teach, and learn.

“All my life I have been the ‘go to’ person to get resources and connections,” Harriet says. Consulting was the natural next step, so she founded Training Solutions.

Harriet’s role is advisor, giving her clients the tools and resources they need to succeed, when they need them. She helps them draft business plans and marketing plans, talks about sustainability and a clear vision, and guides them in the implementation of inclusive hiring strategies.

This last area is one where Harriet has been spending a lot of time. One of Harriet’s popular products is her IDEA program, which stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity/Engagement, and Alignment/Authenticity. She helps her clients to remove bias in all areas of their business, from hiring, to onboarding, to employee retention.

Fighting to eradicate inappropriate and out-of-date customs can be hard work, so Harriet unwinds at the end of a long day at the boxing gym. There's nothing like a sportsmanlike sparring match with a gym buddy to relieve stress.

That combination of grit and congeniality was what led Harriet to consulting, but it can be a tough sell. People tend to think of consultants as a luxury, perhaps someone you unlock when you’ve achieved a certain level of success. “Not true!” she says. “If I had worked with someone like me twenty years ago, I would have increased revenue and not made some of the mistakes I made--some of which were costly.”

Whether she is advising executives of mature companies or fresh faces at small start-ups, she takes delight in seeing all her clients’ businesses succeed. “I love encouraging and supporting the results they have worked to achieve,” she says.

And when helping a client’s business to skyrocket isn’t enough of a thrill, Harriet goes airborne. She has flown in an ultralight aircraft, a balloon, and a paraglider.

But she doesn’t fly solo. Finding and suggesting resources for her clients is a big part of her gig, so it makes sense that Harriet would seek out resources of her own. Since joining Synergy, Harriet has asked Sprocket Websites to build her website, Thousand Oaks Plumbing to install a water heater, and Eileen Gould Design and Construction to redo her floors. Harriet found a few new clients through referring and being referred by Synergy members, and she looks forward to making more partnerships in the future.

The dedication and diligence that Harriet devotes to her clients has always permeated other aspects of her life. She has a background in jazz, tap, and ballet, and she performed in the Pacific Festival Ballet’s annual production of The Nutcracker for ten years. She continues the tradition now with ballroom dance, and figuring out how to cut a rug while walking her dog.

We look forward to hearing more about Training Solutions during Harriet’s spotlight on April 1 at 10am. Click here at the meeting time to join the Zoom call.

By the way, did you buy any of those “prank” facts about Harriet? They may be unbelievable, but they’re all true!

  • 26 March 2021
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