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Eileen Gould, from Eileen Gould Design and Construction, to Sponsor the July 15th Meeting

Eileen Gould, from Eileen Gould Design and Construction, to Sponsor the July 15th Meeting

Eileen Gould was the first woman contractor in LA and has been written about in business journals and the LA Times. As a consultant for a firm in NY, she helps those wanting to get into the lighting and construction business. She also has teaching credentials in design and construction and taught at Conejo Adult School. She received her Master’s Degree in Business from Goldman Sachs, and is certified in solar panels. Eileen’s powerful story shows how one can be strong, courageous, and successful. 

Eileen grew up in Philadelphia and first went to Penn State as an English major. A turning point in life happened when her mother got cancer. After her mother told her, “You are never going to get a job as an English major,” she became a medical technologist instead. Even though Eileen hated drawing blood, she did have very interesting interactions with celebrities. She drew blood from Jack Nicholson, Mel Brooks, and others. She received comments like “You are too pretty to be a vampire,” and found herself still not enjoying her job. Everything changed for her when she started helping a neurosurgeon with his house. 

She volunteered to help the neurosurgeon hire a contractor. She then stepped up on her own having all the responsibilities, without receiving any profits. This inspired her to apply for contracting school. Before taking the contracting exam, the workers asked if she was there for the secretary job. She ended up passing the exam with flying colors. Eileen is finally happy in her career and is very proud of her achievements saying, “I love working in a man’s world as I now have 10 million dollars insurance workman's comp and worker’s insurance.” 

Eileen has done many full remodels and has recently been working on a 4,000 square foot house in Sherwood and another one in Westlake Village. Her construction and design is off the charts as she and her team have been working tirelessly due to COVID and the demand is high for people staying at home wanting to customize their living and working spaces. Her ideal clients are residential and HOA’s because she is a very personal person and she loves “that intimacy to see everyone's life and who they are.” She is looking to expand as she wants to partner with a boutique hotel. She loves doing hotel lobbies and restaurants. 

Eileen also specializes in retrofitting homes for those who want to age in place. Her work encourages others to be able to age naturally instead of spending money in an assisted living facility. Eileen cares about function as well as beauty. Her newest project that she is working on is creating and designing aesthetically-pleasing accessories and hardware needed for those who are aging in place. She wants to “invent something pretty for people who are aging in place and everything [she] look[s] at is ugly.” 

Eileen has benefited from her Synergy membership. She uses James Nagy for her social media, Harriet Cohen for improving her business needs, as well as Teresa Paczkowski for her PowerPoint and photos. Eileen also benefits through referrals as she mentions, “I got my first referral from Jim, and let's see if I get the job!” 

Eileen has a great sense of humor. She not only enjoys public speaking but figured out a trick to doing it successfully. “I love public speaking, I always think people are naked out there,” she explained. When she speaks and explains her business she says, “I may look expensive, but I really am the best deal in town.” 

To join the 10 am meeting on July 15th, click here. Be sure to check out her spotlight presentation below! 


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  • 9 July 2021
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