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Esther Bleuel, a Conflict Resolution Consultant, to Sponsor the June 17th Meeting

Esther Bleuel, a Conflict Resolution Consultant, to Sponsor the June 17th Meeting

Esther has a caring heart and has been implementing that into her entire career. She has been solving people’s problems, as well as their business problems, for over 40 years as a psychotherapist, conflict coach, professor and an executive. Esther is “passionate about helping people have a quality of life and to know themselves.” After Esther earned a Masters degree in Conflict Resolutions, she was given incredible insight into her own life. This has given her a much better understanding of all that she learned. Later on she started using this knowledge to help other people and, shortly after, more and more people started asking for her help. 

Esther specializes in creating conflict-free work environments to help people become more productive and creative, saving time and money for businesses. This also brings out higher morale, trust, and loyalty in the workplace. A lot of challenging situations in life happen unexpectedly. She provides coaching for these situations and will prepare you with the skills necessary to handle them.  

When asked about new and exciting opportunities coming up in her business, Esther replied, “a series on YouTube, probably weekly, for learning how to learn. There are millions of self help books and this is the quickest way to get them out of the book to use them and learn about them experientially.” This will be based off of her book, Getting Unstuck, Experience the Joy of Finishing Strong, which describes her personal story to pay forward some of her life-changing lessons. She explained, “In this book, in the back, there are a series of skills and all the way through the book are life lessons.” These YouTube hostings will give individuals opportunities to experience transformation learning with Esther by learning how to learn and by digging deeper. This will also teach you “how to learn about yourself, know yourself, trust yourself, don't second guess yourself, how to listen deeply, and how to be important to yourself.”

When it comes to her business, Esther is most proud of “getting results from doing psychotherapy online - especially with Veterans.” When her clients “clearly grow, change, walk away going ‘okay I am doing this and using this,’ this is good.” Esther is all about results. Esther understands the needs of her clients, and that “people are hungry for a deeper and more meaningful experience.”  

Esther has benefited from her Synergy membership. She said, “Synergy has been great and the personal relationships are what matter to me the most by far. The connections and having a small community where I am known, and I get to know other people deeper, is really priceless.” Esther has used Synergy as a tool for networking and has referred a lot of people. She mentioned how, “Teresa actually did the layout of the graphics of the book and marketing stuff.” She has also benefited from Synergy through hearing James Nagy, from Sprocket Websites, speak about social media and marketing tools.

A fun fact about Esther is that she is a dog lover. So of course, when asked about her favorite hobby, she explained how her dog named Marty “runs my life. He is the best. He is a golden retriever and he's 12. He's pretty great.” 

To join the 10am meeting on June 17th, click here

  • 10 June 2021
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Synergy Business Connections

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