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James Nagy, from Sprocket Websites, to Sponsor the July 1st Meeting

James Nagy, from Sprocket Websites, to Sponsor the July 1st Meeting

James Nagy has been an expert entrepreneur since 2007 when he decided to leave the corporate world behind. He started his own company from his ability to network, connect with other like-minded individuals, and produce outstanding work in website design. His story begins when James met Don and Kate Gingold at a Chamber SOHO, Small Office Home Office event. Since his business was similar to Don and Kate’s, they started pursuing joint volunteer work together for the same clients. After they all had been helping a particular client, the client asked, “who do I make the check out to?” To avoid any complications, they then decided that they should officially start a business profiting together instead of competing with each other’s website design businesses. James saw this as a smarter and more strategic way to join forces together in order to create the most excellent work and gain better profits. In Chicago 2010, Sprocket Websites was born. 

Since then, James and the Sprocket Websites team have been making great first impressions on clients' businesses. Sprocket Websites solves a lot of challenges that other website creators face, like keeping visitors engaged with updated and relevant news, calendar events, photos, and more. With goals of “turning surfers into visitors and visitors into customers,” they can appeal to other people by capturing their interest. They also match their advertising and marketing with their clients' visions in a creative and uniquely tailored way. When they help their clients achieve their website goals, they also help produce more customers for their client's businesses. 

When asked about his ideal client, James replied, “somebody who wants to do something on the internet rather than just display information. For example, a customer who wants to have a job application, a complex form to submit information, read data on a database, and display it on a webpage. Anyone that is looking to have functionality on the internet, these are great clients for us and we can help them.” James also is “hopeful when it comes to finding bigger clients.” He currently “has some proposals in government agencies” and has been working with three big government county sites. He is “always looking for larger projects on the horizon and continuing to expand the portfolio of customers.”

James is most proud of his business when he helps his customers succeed. He explained, “when they call me back and are busier now than they have ever been.” He is happiest when his customers say how "the website looks great,” and they have been getting “more compliments on it and new exciting opportunities.” He is also excited “anytime we get a positive testimonial back.” 

James is active in his community. James helped create a space for other entrepreneurs who can connect, learn, and support other businesses. Along with Esther Bleuel and Debbie Soden, he is one of the founding members of the Synergy Business Connections networking group in the Greater Conejo Chamber of Commerce. The members in the Synergy Business Connections are provided with a networking platform for others, as well as opportunities to learn from each other about the latest technology and marketing techniques. They also discuss what works for businesses and what does not. 

James has “benefited from Synergy membership over and over again. More than a dozen sales have been generated from Synergy.” He used Synergy members like Debbie Soden to help buy his homes in Thousand Oaks and Camarillo, Teresa Paczkowski to help with graphics for his Gymboree business, Moy Serrano who helps with his State Farm Insurance, and many more. He also has referred members like Robin Chesler with the Conejo Valley Lifestyle Magazine, Carol Salgado with Logix Mortgage Lending, and Connie with Blank Canvas recently before she left the group. For James, “there have just been so many people that I utilized services with and I love to take advantage of the Synergy membership as much as I possibly can.”

He also speaks at various events and has had “more than 30 speaking engagements at the Chamber where [he's]  talk[ed] about all varieties of internet marketing.” If someone is looking for a great speaker, he is your pro! 

You do not want to miss this exciting event coming up soon. To join the 10 am meeting on July 1st, click here

  • 24 June 2021
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